FESTIAL: Imogen Ashwin Residency 15th - 19th October


Imogen Ashwin

Imogen's recent 'year-in-a-medieval-church' project, Festial, continues to haunt her. Guided by the dates of ancient festivals and taking timings from the Julian Calendar then in use - we are now 13 days adrift - a creative process was shaped. This was a meditation through which she explored the limits of her empathy with our medieval ancestors and perhaps momentarily inhabited their strange landscape. Imogen engaged in regular tasks and activities inspired by rituals appropriate to the festival at hand, and produced a giveaway fanzine, Kalender, after each one. Over the year a large body of work emerged and an even larger body of unexploited source material in the form of photographs, video footage, rubbings, castings, memories. Imogen states, "It is this swirling sea that I want to trawl in the quiet of the Queen of Hungary's white walls, to see what I have missed and to spin out some new threads from the old".

Festial was a self-directed, year-long residency that artist Imogen Ashwin recently undertook in a medieval church in the village of Wood Dalling, roughly three miles from her home in North Norfolk. Over the course of her residency at the Queen of Hungary Ashwin will develop and examine aspects of this multifaceted and complex project, and reflect on her solo exhibition Ex Voto at the Nicholson Gallery, Holt.

The Festial project is supported by an Arts Council England Grants for the Arts award.

Artist's Conversation 19th October 6pm, viewing 7.30-9pm.






Image: Play, performance video still, Imogen Ashwin.