July 18th 6.30pm: TOWNLEY AND BRADBY - Artists As Parents As Artists 


During the last three years we have been documenting our children’s play.  Artists As Parents As Artists will be a presentation of artwork we have made in response to this documentation. The artwork on show will include large-scale photos, two films and a series of drawings.
We have found that many art events (talks, exhibitions, residencies) are difficult or impossible to access with our children. For this reason Artists As Parents As Artists is an event for both children and adults. Central to the event will be play and food. There will be a range of loose materials that can be rearranged, played with and used constructively by both children and adults during the event. There will also be a communal meal. Rather than devote a particular section of the event to discussion of the artwork, this will take place in amongst the other activities. 

About Townley and Bradby:

We make work in spaces that are already being used by someone else. Our practice is collaborative. We work together, passing ideas back and forth, seeing them transform in the process. We have been using film, drawing, and hand-written observations to record the patterns that our children’s play creates around our home. By recording the objects that they use, the spaces that they temporarily occupy, and the exchanges that take place, we are constructing an archive of the tangible expression of family activity. More recently, the scope of these observations has widened; the children have a camera and have begun to record what they see as the particularities of our shared domestic space. This process of domestic documentation feels necessary to us but we have not settled on a form for the completed work.

Townley and Bradby

Townley and Bradby 2
Image: Townley and Bradby, 'Daily Observation Series (1 Nov 2011)'. Pencil on paper.
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To book a place contact Wheelchair access, parking.

Townley and Bradby 1

Image: Townley and Bradby, 'Daily Observation Series (29 Jan 2012)', pencil and felt tip on paper.

Townley and Bradby forthcoming events:

Artists On The Gallery Payroll
Fri 10th May, Fri 14th June & Fri 12 July.
Open discussions at firstsite, Colchester looking at the question of how artists employed by a gallery for purposes other than making their own artwork manage to adapt to working within the institution. Chaired by firstsite Associate Artist Lawrence Bradby with writer and artist Judith Stewart. Limited places. A limited number of travel bursaries are available for artists in East Anglia. Fee of £15 payable to all participants. Contact to apply for a place.