HERE IS WHERE WE MEET: Residency and Show


Bev Broadhead, Natalie Odile Lang,Tricia Addison

"Everything in life, is a question of drawing a line, John, and you have to decide for yourself where to draw it. You can't draw it for others. You can try, of course, but it doesn't work. People obeying rules laid down my somebody else is not the same thing as respecting life. And if you want to respect life, you have to draw a line."

Excerpt from John Berger, addressed by his mother: 'Here is Where we Meet'

Tricia, Bev and Natalie, locally based artists, have been meeting regularly for the last 18 months to critique, discuss and support each others' practice. For the duration of the Queen of Hungary residency, they intend to continue this process with increased intensity. This period will involve a retreat from everyday distractions and an immersion in each others company and their own individual 'lines' of inquiry.
They will discuss their processes, the experience and their progress in a public conversation with Nell Croose- Myhill from the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.
There will be a closing party on Saturday 3 November from 4pm.

Open for viewing 1st to 4th November

Artists' Conversation with Nell Croose-Myhill 31st October 7.30pm




natalie Odile Lang
Image above: Trinity 1, Natalie Odile Lang. Image below: Trivia, Tricia Addsion, 2012
Image left: Untitled No.1, acrylic on canvas, Bev Broadhead, 2013
Tricia Addison