Nov 4th - Dec 15th CHLOE MANDY: In Residence


Having a residency in a space that’s literally 40 feet from your studio might sound a little bit of a waste of gunpowder, but being in the four uninterrupted white walls and newly painted floor, the entirely empty square that is the Queen of Hungary Project Space may be completely refreshing and productive.
Chloe's intention is to use the space to do some drawings for her forthcoming show in May, The Necessary Angel at Salthouse Church. The Necessary Angel, is the title of a book of short essays by the poet Wallace Stevens; he posits the theory that absolute fact includes everything that the imagination includes. This idea is central to Chloe's process within this residency. 

Chloe paints directly in the landscape, this rural Norfolk landscape that is so managed and ordered. However, it’s the gaps in human interventions that allow changes to occur, driven by nature, so that our understanding of the landscape is just super imposed pockets, of familiarly, fragments of knowledge and recognition of patterns that recur. Chloe's intense experience of painting in the landscape at specific places, in certain times, locates and informs both her process and paintings, but do not limit her experience of the landscape to a purely visual response.


Chloe Mandy In Residenc 2
Image: Chloe Mandy, 'In Residnce' (6 Nov 2013).



Chloe Mandy In Residence

Image: Chloe Mandy, 'Residency Process' (Nov 2013).