24th August 2012 7pm: Desmond Brett - Artist's Conversation with Lee Grandjean


DESMOND BRETT IN RESIDENCE - Sculptures I will Never Make

20TH TO 26TH AUGUST 2012

'I rather fancy arriving with just drawing materials and a sleeping bag. Keeping it minimal.
I am coming round to using the time to propose new works as drafts on paper etc. The working title is 'Sculptures I will never make' in the sense that the drawing can never be the actual sculpture verbatum. The intention and outcome are always different. So rather than responding to anything particular to QOH (but not ruling that out) I like the chance to use the space as a kind of antechamber. Thinking space. Interzone.'

My work is often site responsive, temporary and concerned with the object in space, I have a practice that operates in a number of guises from temporary collusions to process based works that reveal their own manufacture to work concerned with flatness and graphic representations of things (clouds, hands etc).'

Desmond Brett took his BA and MA at the Slade, and has shown widely including in 'Eastern Pavillions', London and Outpost where he had a solo exhibition.

LEE GRANDJEAN has exhibited around the UK and Europe, and until recently was Senior Tutor in the Sculpture School at the Royal College of Art

Silicon Casting Masterclass: 26th August

10 - 5PM Cost: £40.00 payable in advance

Silicon moulds are used in the toy and movie industry because they produce wonderfully fine detail and can be re-used for repeat casting. Sculptor Desmond Brett will give a day workshop for beginners, art students and professional artists.

Participants will be shown how to use silicone to cast objects, to make a plaster 'jacket' mould and finally to make a replica in plaster. Materials are included in the price, but students may bring their own small sculptures or objects from which to cast.

To book a place please send a cheque made out to Desmond Brett, ℅ The Queen of Hungary, 1 Cromer road, Aylsham, Norfolk NR11 6HE

Booking is essential for a talk or event.

To book a place for the talk or for more information contact



Desmond Brett untitled About
Image: Untitled, 2012, Desmond Brett